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Digital Citizenship

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The Greater Essex County District School Board has an Acceptable Computer Use Policy in place.  Each student is required to read this policy regularly and have a signed copy kept at the school.  This policy covers Internet use, but also covers the responsible behaviour when using technological equipment.   


Here is a sample contract for students to consider about Digital Citizenship.....  


What impact does a digital footprint have? 



Mr. Peabody's Apples....  This mentor text is a perfect example of what you do or say on the Internet can never be completely taken back.... 


Please review the following wiki which outlines the behaviour expected by students when on the Internet... Click here....


Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Lawler created a Symbaloo filled with resources and activities that you can explore.  As you click on one of the various tiles, you will connect with a variety of web resources.  See the focus questions below that you should keep in mind as you explore.  


This is a fantastic Digital Citizenship resource used by many of our teachers and students.

The Media Awareness Site  - Media Smarts does a fantastic job of outlining many, many digital issues that students face today.  Here is a quick link to some educational games to make you stop and think.   


Privacy is very important when it comes to using the Internet.  Privacy is essential to being a responsible digital citizen.  At this time, click on the following link to connect to the Media Awareness site.  It's time to explore the link on this page entitled "Top Secret".  What lessons can be learned from playing this game?   


Get a pencil handy!  It's your turn to record five cyber netequette or lessons found while playing CyberSense and Nonsense...  You may work as a team of two on this.   


There's more to explore!  With a partner, view a few of these videos and create a short reflective response to each of the videos that you viewed.  Save your notes as this will help you with the final activity.  There are also some fun interactive games available on this site.  After exploring one of these games, make sure that you also reflect.  NSTeens


Check out the awesome resources here too on the ConnectEd site.  Use the same protocol from above with this site.  


Teens Health Online Safety


Common Sense Media



Now that you have spent some time examining the concept of Digital Citizenship, what does this topic mean to you?  Why is this topic so important to learn about?  What was your biggest "ah ha moment" while working through this wiki?  Now that you have reviewed this information, how will your future behaviour change?  What other connections can you make to this material?   


Record your reflections here...   

Digital Citizenship Padlet 

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